Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back to Work on Floral Pinwheels

     Not much sewing has gone on at my home recently while I had company. Yesterday I finished the doll dress my niece sewed.  I hemmed, added buttons and sewed Velcro on for the back closure.  It is cute.

   This week has been the one week each month when I have 2 charity / comfort quilt sew days – one for guild and one for church.  Yesterday at church Jan laid out her string blocks.  We all have fallen in love with strings.  

   Finally I pulled the floral pinwheel top back out and added breaker borders around the appliqué border.  Because it is so large I needed to go to a large room at church to lay out the rest of the pinwheels.  I don’t have room at home to lay them out to see them all at one time.  Because of it’s size it is also difficult to take a good photo.  This photo is little distorted.  It really is square.  I now have the top and bottom rows of outer pinwheels sewn on and tonight I might get some of the sides sewn together.   I am pleased with how it is coming together. 


  1. Hi Elizabeth. I posted to my blog that you won my giveaway of Melissa Stramel's book but haven't heard from you. I'm trying to contact you via email but when I click the link on your blogger profile page nothing happens! Please get in touch with me so we can get you your copy of the book! Otherwise I'll have to pick a new winner.

  2. The doll dress is great! I love to see younger people learning to sew!