Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wedges and Wheels

My Bernina was not ready to return home so I worked more with wedges.  I became interested in working on a wheel when I saw P’s scrappy string rings at “The Way I Sew It”     “Material Obsession”  also has a great big one.

I started yesterday at church sew group pulling scrap strips.  At home I cut a few more.  I only had enough of the same scraps to make 3 – 18” strip sets.  I figured that would not be enough for wedges for a whole wheel so I cut solid fabric strips to fill in.  This is what I came up with. 

My wedge is 9 degrees so it takes 10 wedges for 90 degrees or 1 quarter of the wheel.  When I sew a quarter of the wheel, I check that the two edges form a 90 degree angle.  A couple needed some very minor trimming. 

I pieced 1 complete and ¾ of a wheel.  I do have 2 pieced wedge pieces left which I probably won't use unless I change the layout angle.  I cut a background about 42 by 58” to test.  The wheels are not attached yet.  They will be machine appliquéd.   I don’t know what kind of centers I will add.  Any suggestions?  

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