Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making Progress on the Vine

    I feel good about the vine and leaves now.  I narrowed the vine to ½” so it curves better and I’m using fewer leaves.  Two sides are ready to appliqué down.  I would like to find a variegated green that looks good on the vine and leaves so I won’t have to change thread.  I probably should have appliquéd the vine before I cut the border length.  I hope it won’t shrink too much.  I will use an iron on tear away stabilizer and that should help.

A new 18” doll now lives at my house.  She arrived wearing a dress but no underpants so today I quickly made 2 pair.  I used a Simplicity pattern; but instead of sewing a casing for elastic like the directions said, I used Nancy Zieman’s technique of turning up the fabric and zigzagging down the stretched elastic. It worked well and was a lot quicker.  

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