Sunday, April 22, 2012

Organizing, Finishing and Quick Project

     This weekend has been a good time for work on a variety of quilt projects plus a little gardening time.  I was cleaning the house to get ready to host Monday night’s Quilt Mavens group and spent a couple of hours organizing my stash.  I was looking for a piece of green recently and could not find my tub of green fabric.  I finally did and I took that as a hint that I needed to reorganize some fabric.  I found out that I have a lot more brown and cream than I thought I did. 
    I finished step 7 of the Day Bee Mystery Quilt.   We had the option of using a solid piece of fabric for the center of each star, but our leader encouraged us to piece something.  Originally I pieced some small nine patches and some four patches.   When I started the step to sew the stars together, I did not like the look with the nine patches and I used only four patches.  I almost wish I had used a solid piece of fabric.  The stars would look very differently. 

       My church quilt group will be giving a short talk for the XYZ ( eXtra Years of Zest) Club about our work and show quilts.  It was Joan’s idea for us to have a mug rug in the center of each table; and after our talk have a drawing to give them away, so this afternoon I made another mug rug from Woodpile quilt crumbs.   

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