Friday, March 16, 2012

My First Swoon Block

       A little while back I was reading quilt blogs and came across a lovely scrappy Swoon block.  Later I wanted to find it again but I did not know where I had seen it or who had made it.  I searched and searched and found it was made by Erin Singleton.  Check out her Jan. 17, 2012 post at

It inspired me to make one which I did today.  

I went through my green and blue scraps and pulled out pieces about 2 ½” and 3”.  This afternoon I cut all the pieces and marked the ones for HST.  Since the Swoon block has 81 pieces I broke it down and sewed it like nine patch units.  It has a lot of seams but it went together smoothly.  My block will finish at 16”.

In my searching I also found Double Nickel Quilts Blog with a little different piecing with fewer pieces. 

I'm a Ginger Monkey Blog started a Swoon Along.

Another blog with lovely scrappy swoon blocks.

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