Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fabric For Personal Use ONLY

     Do you pay attention to the info on the selvedge of the fabric you buy? 

I started thinking a lot about it and looking at some of my fabric after Bonnie Hunter’s Monday, March 26th blog post  ( ). 

Bonnie shared about Emily Cier, a modern quilter, who writes books for C&T.  Emily was threatened with being SUED for using fabric by a certain designer with a copyright on the selvage that says “For personal use only”.  You can find out more of the story on Emily’s blog here:
I know of 2 fabrics that I have with “For personal use only”.  I have not made quilts for sale but the idea that I cannot use this fabric to make anything to sell bothers me.  I plan to look more carefully at fabric and I will think long before I buy anymore such fabric. I want to be free to use it as I see fit.

Update:  I have just been reading Leah Day's post on the subject and it is an EXCELLENT read.   
Wow!  Thank you, Leah, for all the thought.

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