Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Church Group Sew Day

      Today was sew day for my church quilting group.  We had a small group but a great sewing day.  I’m still working on bargello borders.  Bonney brought to show her One Block Wonder top pieced.  Like my One Block Wonder hers is on her UFO list.  She still has to decide on a border but it looks great. 
    This was the first day for the SC State Fair and it only cost $1 to get in.  It was a bit drizzly for a few minutes.  I only stayed long enough to take a quick look at the quilts, handwork and the flowers.   I am pleased to say that all 4 quilts I entered won first place awards.   This was also the first time I entered a piece in Fine Arts.  It was juried in but did not win anything.  There  were many lovely quilts and pieces of handwork.

  On a rainy Tuesday Day Bee made a road trip to 3 upstate quilt shops.  We had 12 members go along.  I had not planned to buy anything in particular but came home with 6 lovely pieces of fabric.  I have a project in mind for 3.  Two were from the 50% off shelf.  Can you guess which ones? 
The first 2 on the left were on sale.  I love them. 

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