Friday, October 7, 2011

Beginner Sampler Class Progress

        I am preparing for granddaughter and family to visit this evening so I have not done much
sewing / quilting the past few days.   I have a few sore muscles from 3 hours of working in the yard Wednesday.  
       In my Beginner Sampler class Thursday night students laid out their blocks to begin sashing.  They are making great progress.   I forgot to take a picture of some but here are Linda’s blocks.  She chose bright bug fabrics.

Here are my sampler blocks I'm sewing with the class so they are partly together also.

       I will try to take more photos next week.  I love to see how different the quilts look with different choices of fabric.  Some are bright and child friendly while others are elegant or warm.  
      The weather this weekend is expected to be beautiful so I hope you get out and enjoy it and sew later.

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