Sunday, September 11, 2011

Using Embroidery Machine for Quilting

       After stitching-in-the-ditch to stabilize the snowman quilt, I thought it would be nice to meander snowflakes all over the quilt around the snowmen.  I looked for some help.  I found Leah Day’s “icicle lights” which I like ( )

  but decided I wanted something larger and a variety of shapes and sizes.  Then I had the idea to use my embroidery machine for quilting.  I have seen others do this and my embroidery machine does not get used enough.  I have several snowflake designs.  I made a fat quarter size quilt sandwich to test designs.  I knew they had to be open and not dense.  Here are a few I tried.   A couple were too dense.

I picked 3 I really like ( a variety of sizes and types) and started on the actual quilt. 

You can see them better on the back. 

This photo is from the front.  I still want to do many more of all 3 kinds.  

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  1. How did you get the quilt top secure on the embroidery hoop? I have thought about exactly what you are doing and didn't try it because I didn't know how to secure the quilt.
    Lovely snowflakes and what a perfect accent to your quilt!