Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Snowman Block Swap UFO

        I finally started working on the Snowman UFO.  In 2006 I received 10 blocks in a guild swap.  Some were squares and some rectangles.  Some are on a light background fabric and some dark.  They ranged in size from 6 ½” to 12 ½”.  I struggled with all kinds of layouts and decided to only use 9 and not to use one with a black background fabric.  Then I decided to trim the 3 larger ones down to 10 ½” square so there was not such a large variance in size.   I had to temporarily remove a few 3D components to better work with the blocks.  Next I added 1 ½” strips to the sides of the only remaining rectangle because I would have had to trim off too much of the snowman to make it a square.  I did not have any similar background fabric so I chose to go scrappy. 

I cut a stack of 1 ½” and 2 ½” strips and framed the smaller blocks to make them all 10 ½”.  

I was still considering various settings and sashing but then went with all scrappy.
This is how it looks now.   I still plan to add a scrappy frame around the whole thing. I am very happy with the progress. 

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