Saturday, September 24, 2011

More UFOs Found

     This morning I packed away the star blocks until another time. I like these 4 together and think it would be fun to make the quilt with many different kinds and sizes from the same fabric.

     Then I started cleaning and organizing.   I found another UFO.  I don’t remember when ( several years ago) Diane S Hire spoke at QSC’s spring meeting and taught a workshop.  The workshop was process oriented instead of project oriented so I came away with pieces.  This may have been my first exposure to improvisational piecing.  From the pieces I pulled out I only needed to sew one seam and was able to square up 2 blocks at 12 ½”.  I just noticed that I have not added the cross pieces on it but I’m sure I can do that later.  Diane called them Tic-Tack-Toe 4-Patch blocks.  I found 2 tails and a piece of “Hopscotch” which she suggested for a border or run.  Now my pieces are neatly pressed and in a new container with the class handout and some fabric pieces.   Maybe some day I will find a project into which I can insert these pieces.  

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  1. I love those pieces on the second picture. And where is the post on your wonderful brown crumb quilt? I love it!