Friday, August 19, 2011

Part 3 of Day Bee Mystery

       Today I finally worked on part 3 which I have had for 2 months.  We need to make 576 or 300  1 ½” half square triangle units (depending on the finished size we want.  I’m working on the smaller.)  Our leader Lari suggested triangle paper which we purchased from  So far it has been fairly simple to use and the finished half square triangles are accurate.  You lay out the 2 fabrics right sides together, pin the paper on top and stitch on all the lines.  Arrows direct you for a continuous stitching line.  Then cut on all the solid lines, pull off the paper and you have a bunch of half square triangle units. 

     I have pieced together my 12 fan blocks.  

I was going to stop there and just quilt it.  36" by 48" would be a good size for someone.  Then I thought if I added a few borders it could be twin size.  I played with EQ and this is one idea.  
 The fabrics are not correct but I hope you can get the idea.  This example would finish 54 by 78"  It won't get finished until I decide what size I want to make. 

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