Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun Afternoon with Crumbs

      This morning before church I was reading quilt blogs and found P’s blog “The Way I Sew It”

Her double pinwheel from an old post inspired me. So this afternoon I started on mine.  P has great directions but I wanted to use crumbs and do more free piecing.  I did not make any templates although I did estimate the size components I would need for the block to finish 6 ½”.  I string pieced 2 - 4” squares and cut 2 - 4” squares of light.   The light could have been more scrappy but I had a 4” wide light strip.  If the size was off, I could always add strips or trim down; but I prefer not to trim off pinwheel points.   It is still difficult for me to be really free and not match points when I can.  I plan to make more double pinwheels similar to this. 

      I also tried making a crumb rose starting with the center and sewing log cabin style except in a hexagon. I like how it turned out.  Later I will try some other colors.  

      I finished the evening adding sashing and cornerstones for a small crumb top for my church quilting group.  I would like to try crumb piecing the border but I may save time and use one fabric if I can find one I like.  


  1. I'm so glad you were inspired to make your a double pinwheel block. It looks great! The black really sets off the other colors. Pretty crumb rose too!

  2. Crumbs are wonderful and can be addicting. I like your pinwheel blocks.