Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tackling Another UFO

I have been waiting to buy more of the blue I wanted to make the binding for the animal appliqué quilt.  I finally bought it and the binding is now on the quilt.  I hope some child in the hospital will love it.

I have a long list of UFO projects to work on and I have a difficult time deciding which to work on next. I pulled out last year’s Quilt Mavens round robin project.   I’m not sure what the problem is but the fused vehicle wheels just won’t stay on.  I tried repressing and it did not help so now doing machine blanket stitch around each one.  It is not an enjoyable task because it is difficult to manipulate the whole top to go around each wheel.  After I get that done, I will need to sew around each vehicle because some of them are loose also. It would have been easier to machine applique before the border was sewn to the rest of the top.   I am looking for things to add in the wide green areas that will give a youthful neighborhood feeling. I will have a similar problem if I machine applique.  I wonder if hand applique would be easier.  I guess that will depend on what I decide to add.

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