Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alternate Blocks

    I feel like I've been spinning my wheels and not accomplishing much.  I went to charity sew for guild this morning.  This afternoon I pieced large 4 color quarter-square triangle blocks for alternate blocks with the applique animals on the plaid.  Here they are on my new design wall. It will get a border later. 
     I also worked on blocks for another charity project trying to finish up a project that other people abandoned while I need to finish my own projects.  Sometimes I just get to a place where I don't know what needs to be next so I have to take a break and work on something else.  That is probably why I have several UFOs.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Brown Crumb Got a Border

  Yesterday I cut brown scraps into 2 ½” strips and today the brown crumb quilt got a scrappy border.  It is amazing that I still have brown scraps after making this top and I even created 4 small crumb blocks as I sewed the mitered border. 
   I have almost finished 10 appliqué animal blocks.  Now to decide what the alternate blocks will be.  I will play with some options in EQ to see what will go with the plaid used for the animal block background.  Easiest would be 9 patches of mixed colors but I would rather do something more interesting.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brown Crumb Back Together

    On the brown crumb top I took out the words and today added the additional crumb blocks to fill the space.  It has spoken to me and said "I'm large enough" . . . or . . . I'm tired of working on it.   John thinks it needs a border but I am not sure.  It will just have wait while I consider a border.

   I also took some time to shorten and hem a knit top for my mother. It is very easy using a twin needle.  I saw the technique on "Sewing With Nancy".

Monday, April 18, 2011

Using Crumbs and Scraps

     My recent sewing has been to play with my brown crumbs to make several more free pieced blocks.  Since I took the words out, I have to fill that space with more blocks.  I am about ready to add them and then I think this one will be as large as it is going to get.

  I also used quilted pieces leftover from the duffle bag to make 2 Humbug bags - one small and one extra large.  They make nice additions.  Next I plan to shrink the duffle bag pattern 50% and make one.  That is all the fun for now.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Altering Clothing and More

   I was not in the mood to sew or quilt today so I worked a little on a variety of projects.  I planted vegetables in the garden and watered. I shopped for 2 needed fabrics that my stash could not fill.  Now they have been washed and folded.  I pressed a stack of charity  half-square triangles blocks that were sewn some time ago. I'm not sure how they will be used.  They were donated and I just could not throw them out.   

    I did a little shopping for clothing.  I did not find a white dressy blouse that I wanted but I did buy 2 casual knit tops.  They were a little too long so I decided to cut them off.  Recently I saw a show with Nancy Zieman on using twin needles.  She suggested that a twin needle was perfect for a knit hem so I decided to try it.  I can't remember the last time I used a twin needle.  I was very pleased with the look and ease.  I would  definitely do it again.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hand Work and Computer Work

   Monday and today I spent several hours at the hospital sitting with a family member and took some handwork.  I just have to embroider some details onto these animals and I will have 4 more blocks done.   I’m glad I had them prepared to take.  It sure helped to pass the time.

   After watching the rebroadcast of a 10 year old show by Georgia Bonesteel this morning, I was inspired to work in EQ.  I started with the carpenter’s square block 

and next decided to take off the last round of strips.  I liked the new block better.   

Then I discovered that the center portion was very much like the chain block which is simple but interesting.

It can also be used to create a pattern similar to one by Georgia Bonesteel called “Calico Crossover”. I wonder if that is how she got her design idea.  The design will go on my list of quilts I will make one day.  I enjoy the Celtic feel.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Little Work on Many Things

   I had a little fabric left from Mattie's dress so I decided to make a doll dress to match.  I have done that before.  I started sewing doll dresses a long time ago and the pattern I used today has a date of 1973.  I have a great collection of doll clothes patterns.
   For Easter doll and Mattie will be very cute.  

   Since I added the words to my brown crumb quilt, it has been bothering me so I UNsewed and took them out.  I might put them on the back.  I like the words but I think they were too structured.
 Last thing was to get a collection of appliques blocks ready for handwork.  I like to use freezer paper templates and spray starch.  I iron 2 layers of freezer paper together, cut the shape and iron it to the wrong side of the fabric.  Then I trim the fabric about 1/4" larger and brush the seam allowance with starch. I clip inside curves and points and use a hot iron to dry and turn the edges over the freezer paper.  After that I can take out the paper and pin the neat applique piece to the background ready to applique.  I'm ready to take along handwork for tomorrow.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Half Together

   I got a lot done today; however, not much sewing.  I weeded a flower bed and tilled my vegetable garden area.  I bought a new plum tree and John helped plant it in the front yard about 15 feet from the 20 year old plum tree that is not healthy. 
    In the afternoon I sewed rows together on the Streak UFO.  I got my half together.  For the photo the 2 halves are just laid out next to each other.  They still need to be sewn together and a border added.  It will be a large quilt.  I couldn't really get a good picture of it all.  This is one of those patterns with a ton of points to match.  There is one I tried twice and still was not happy but I did not take it out again.  I challenge anyone to find it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sewing for Granddaughter

    Yesterday I sewed a couple more rows on the latest UFO.  Today I worked on a new dress for my granddaughter.   It took most of the day but only needs a button and buttonhole on the back plus hemming to be  finished.  Here is peek.
     I have sewn many many outfits but this pattern's directions were not easy to follow.  The writer left out several steps and details.   An inexperienced sewer would have had major problems.  I guess that is why when I have found a clothing pattern I liked, I would use it repeatedly.   When I write directions for quilting, I struggle to make them clear.  They are always subject to revision and improvement.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Work on Another UFO

     Today I pulled out another UFO to work on.  My sister Irene and I have cooperated on several quilts.  For this one she finished piecing her half of the top some months ago.  Today I put pieced the vertical rows.   The blocks came as a UFO from someone else and we decided to finish the quilt.  It is very traditional.  The rows went together without too much trouble but now matching all the points to sew rows together is a pain. This is part of my half in progress.  It will be queen size so I did not get a photo of the whole half. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Sewing

    This weekend was mostly busy with visiting family; however, I did find a little time for sewing on my brown crumbs. With the new words added and the additional blocks to fill out the row, it now measures 42" by 60".  I seem to hearing whispers "I'm large enough" but I'm not sure that's what it's saying. 

  I still have 3 more 6" squares that can be added.  My son John says to add a border and it will be finished.  Does it need a simple border or does it need a border at all?   Maybe I'll put it away for awhile until I decide.