Friday, February 4, 2011

Making Quilted Valentine Cards

       I enjoy sending quilted postcards to friends and relatives for special occasions.  My sister Irene got me started making them a few years ago by participating in an internet swap group.  Since then I just make them for friends and family.  Recently I came across  and like several of their free scrapbook paper-piecing ideas to use as appliqués on quilted postcards.  The bee is one of those. The post office has gotten more particular about mailing them so I am careful not to add very much 3 dimensional. 

    If you have not made any, I hope you will think about trying some.  They must be 4 by 6".  I use Peltex for the structure with a layer of scrap batting on top.   I place the top fabric on the batting and do the applique stitching and quilting.  Then I add muslin to the back with fusible web and sew the edge with satin stitch or ribbon for binding. Leah has a good tutorial on making fabric postcards at  Have fun and your friends and family can enjoy your work. 

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