Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'd Rather Be Piecing

    Today I still was not in the mood to sandwich and quilt on the twin size quilt so I pulled out a different UFO to work on.   In 2009 our local guild had a Rainbow Row Robin so each participant ended up with 6 rows of different colors and they are also very different in style.   Here are the 6 I have.   My own red row bothered me so much I had to go back and change it.  I still don't like something about it ( I think the white is too stark a contrast) so I'm still trying to figure out how to fix it.

     I have a plan in mind to put them together so spent time cutting a collection of squares in the rainbow colors.  I hope it will be enough to help them form a more cohesive quilt.  I’m still playing with the row order. 
You know how it is when several different people make blocks.  Some rows needed a little adjusting so all would be the same length of 36 ½” unfinished.  That is as far as I got today.  More piecing will have to wait until tomorrow.

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