Monday, July 20, 2015

Making Progress on Quilting

      This morning I finished the free-motion quilting on the fans.  When planning a motif, I use a clear acrylic sheet and dry erase marker to try options and practice.
Quilting the first couple of fans I had an issue with fabric not stabilized well enough.  I had to be careful to position my hands to keep the fabric taught.

I enjoy using motifs that are free flowing and don’t require back tracking. 

     I plan to quilt feathers in the areas between fans and here is my practice. 

*Update*   The feathers are quilted and I'm pleased.  

The feathers are free-form except for the stem which I mark. 
I'm ready for a break and then I need to consider the border quilting.


  1. Excellent feathers and quilting overall. They look so good on this design.....wonderful.

  2. Beautiful! I love the quilting you did.