Thursday, January 8, 2015

Making Mug Rugs – aka Snack Mats

    Maybe it’s the current cold weather and my need for a hot mug, but the past couple of days I have been in the mood to make mug rugs.  I like to send one to someone who needs cheering up.  If you are not familiar with them, they are small quilted mats - larger than a coaster but smaller than a placemat.

   I pulled out one of my quilting practice sandwiches on which I tried out snowflake embroidery designs along with a variety of FM quilting designs. It was large enough to cut into 4 mug rugs of 8” by 10”.

Here are 2 of those finished mug rugs.

  Today I pulled out a pattern named “Textured Tweety’s Snowflake”.  I found it online free last year and you can still get it from the magazine website.  It  appeared in the “Quilters’ Newsletter Magazine Dec/Jan 2004. 

Stay warm and safe. 

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