Saturday, November 15, 2014

Students' Quilting

    The past few days I have been busy teaching and helping others learn to quilt so instead of showing my work, I have some students’ work to show off. 

Martha took my FMQ class and has been practicing a lot on her own.  I believe this Carpenter’s Wheel is her 4th quilt. 

She is practicing FM feathers. 

Peggy took my FMQ class Thursday at Creative Sewing.  After class she went home, continued practicing and sent me this photo.  She will be stitching feathers before long. 

Friday evening in JoAnn Fabrics Quilting 101 class, 2 new quilters made these “Hole in the Barn Door” blocks.  Hopefully they will continue making blocks and soon have enough for a small quilt top. 



   I plan to do some of my own today after chores.
Spend a few minutes piecing or quilting!

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