Tuesday, September 2, 2014

FMQ – Free Motion Quilting

   I spent many hours of my Labor Day holiday with FMQ.  The tumbling block quilt is almost finished.  All it lacks is the binding. 

I use a lot of charity/comfort quilts to practice new FMQ motifs or to practice FMQ control.  In the background of this quilt, I tried out a new design of circles.  It seemed to fit the fabric.   First I practice with pen and paper. 

Sorry it does not show up better in the photo. 

I simply meandered in the top plaid portion of the tumbling blocks because the quilting would not show up.  I devoted more time to quilting a feather in each of the other sections.  I just mark a spine and then FMQ the rest. 

  Here is another comfort quilt finish.  It has been a while since I meandered an entire quilt but that is what I did for this one. 

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  1. Your quilting is really coming along. Keep going it is worth it. Love the feathers in the tumbling blocks. Looks like trees climbing the side. Very nice!