Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weather Watch Piecing / CS Linkup Finale

      I have the center of my Celtic Solstice sewn together and the first border but have not gone any further yet so instead of writing a new post I decided to revise this one for Bonnie's Linkup Finale. It has been a fun mystery quilt and I look forward to finishing before too long.
      While “waiting” for the predicted winter storm to start, I worked on piecing my Celtic Solstice. I finished sewing all the rows together for the center and added the first border.  I laid it out for the picture and noticed a mistake.  Do you see it?  One block is rotated so that the green and orange squares are in the wrong place.

I could NOT leave it.  I un-sewed the 4 seams for the offending block, rotated it and re-sewed.
Much better!

Instead of the orange triangles that Bonnie designed, I want to use a different second border.  I plan to machine quilt another quilt before working more on the Celtic Solstice border.

For a change of pace I spent the next couple of hours piecing a charity quilt.  

Keep Warm and Keep Sewing!


  1. Beautiful job! It was really easy to reverse those blocks if you aren't careful! Love the charity quilt too!

  2. I sewed two 4 patches in the wrong way. Like you, I had to take them out and redo. When I looked at it again, I had sewn one back in the wrong way again. I figured, this time, it was meant to be. Doesn't bother me at all now! Yours is beautiful, I really like the yellow border. Very nice.