Friday, October 4, 2013

Progress on Trapunto

      My afternoon was spent FMQing around the trapunto design on alternate blocks.  The first round of the quilting is finished.

On one block I did the micro stipling and one echo of the design.  I used Superior "bottom-line" thread (which is 60 wt.) for this part because I did not want it to be very visible.

The water-soluble thread and markings will get washed away after all the quilting is finished.
There is still a lot of quilting yet to be done.  It may wait awhile to be finished so that I can make a Halloween costume and a baptism dress.

    Last night at the last FMQ class ladies turned in doll quilts that they had quilted.
Most used meadering and several quilted leaves in the border.  They did a great job.

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