Monday, October 28, 2013

Heirloom Sewing

    After a fun busy weekend of family, today I spent time sewing.  Instead of a quilt project I am sewing a baptism dress for my younger granddaughter.   It has been several years since I stitched pin tucks so I had to find the right foot, twin needle, the right small cord and stitch a test strip.  Then I stitched 2 pin tuck panels and added lace on both sides.  That involved stitching a narrow zigzag on the edge, pressing to the backside and stitching a second row of narrow zigzag along the same line, then trimming the back as close as possible to the stitching. That took some time and here are the first resulting panels.

Next strips of entredeux and embroidery were added to complete the fancy panel.

Finally the side fabric was attached and the bodice pattern cut out.

I stopped for the evening with the bodice pieced waiting for the sleeves and skirt to be attached.

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