Tuesday, April 23, 2013

String Piecing Spider Web Blocks

     I have been in love with spider web quilts for some time.  I have also been collecting strings when I cut fabric.  I have used my strings for a couple of quilts but wanted to do more.  When the “Pizza Girls” from Quilters Gallery did a presentation at GCQ guild, they showed 2 spider web quilt tops.   

I bought the large kite template they were selling.  I like to use sew in lightweight interfacing for the foundation instead of paper.  For my quilt I plan to use a variety of fabric for the kite shapes so there will be a variety of stars formed.  I used the template to cut 4 matching kite shapes and centered each on a foundation.  

Then I started sewing strings until the sides are covered. 


Next the blocks are pressed and trimmed. 

When 4 are sewn together, a star is formed. Here are my first 2.

   As more are sewn, the spider web forms.  Here you can see half of the webs formed.
String piecing is one class I will be teaching in the fall for Midlands Tech.  

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  1. I like your spiderweb. It is on my to so list. do you have a problem with the interfacing shrinking when you iron the blocks??