Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Quilting Day and Weekend

     Saturday I celebrated National Quilting Day in several enjoyable ways.

     I started the morning early by watching online several free episodes of "The Quilt Show".  Sponsors have advertised 3 free days of viewing 11 years worth of shows.  I hope you have taken advantage of watching some if you are not a paying member.  You do need to sign up for the free account but it is worth it.

    A friend and I went to Sumter for the Swan Lake Quilt Guild "Quilt Extravaganza 2013".  It is still on today, Sunday, from 1 PM until 4 PM.  It is not a judged show but you get to vote for Viewers Choice for a small quilt and a large quilt winner.  This quilt got my vote for the best large quilt.

It was all hand done and the quilter said she worked on it for 16 years to finish.  There was a good variety of quilted items on exhibit, including 12 quilts made by Barbara Fritzsimmons based on children's picture books.

    I have been wanting to teach a bargello class so I spent some time working on a lapsize bargello quilt that I hope would be simple to teach.   I pulled fabrics totally from my stash to play with strips.  This is what is on my design wall.  

Hope you are enjoying this weekend of beautiful weather whether you spend time inside or out.

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