Monday, November 12, 2012

Orphan Blocks and Scraps

     I struggled today with what project to work on.  I have MANY WIPs.  Orphan blocks called me.  When I organizing recently, I pulled out a few 12” orphan blocks from MTC classes and border pieces left over from a quilt finished a couple of years ago.  Brown, blue, green and yellow were the predominate colors so I pulled left over strips and squares that blended.  I placed the border pieces on the diagonal and added triangles to 2 corners to create several blocks.
     I enjoy free piecing so that is what I did.  I now have 19 blocks.  I think I know where one more green block is.   With a simple border, this will make a nice size lap quilt to finish about 59” by 68”. 
I feel good about what I accomplished and I cleared out some scraps. 
Here are some of the blocks.

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