Sunday, July 1, 2012

Making Half-Square Triangle Units

   The floral pinwheel quilt will have an outer border of half-square triangles using the same greens as the leaves.  I need about 128 so I used the paper which is much easier when you need a lot.  I found that out making all the HSTs for the Day Bee Mystery quilt.   I cut sections of paper and fabric about 8” by 20”.  With right sides together and the paper on top, you pin then stitch on the lines.  I did shorten my stitch length. 

Next you carefully cut on the lines.

Then you press the units and tear off the paper.  I finished about 20 and I took a break.
       I had a small piece of flannel and decided it would be perfect for doll pajamas to go with her bunny slippers.  Isn’t she cute?  This was very quick fun outfit. I stitched most of the seams on my serger.

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