Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Applique Practice

     Today at the GCQ regular monthly meeting, Nancy Brannon gave a trunk show.  After lunch she taught a class in hand appliqué.  We practiced 2 methods for making narrow stems and then we practiced needleturn appliqué of points and valleys with a heart shape. She had us practice with red thread to see how well we were stitching.

She gave us many useful tips.  I learned more in today’s 3 hours than in the all day class last fall in Houston.  Here is one example of her work.

    For the Christmas in July monthly challenge I pieced a tree made up of 32 template pieces.  I fused a small bird for my touch of summer.  It did not finish at the size stated on the directions but I am not sure how I could make it.  I don’t think I will be making any more of these trees.  

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that is some lovely applique in Nancy's work.

    I love that tree! Templates, huh? I wonder if it'd go easier paper pieced. It would make a nice Christmas wall hanging. Pale blue batique for the snow and a darker blue background (maybe snowflake print?) for a night sky, and a red cardinal as the bird. Wouldn't that be dramatic? :)