Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not Much Sewing Going On

      This has been one of those weeks when not much actual sewing gets done.  Monday I went with my mother for a doctor’s appointment and then dropped my Bernina off at the shop to be serviced.  I spent a few hours pressing and cutting scraps into 2 ½” strips and strings.  I have been hoping to find the time to piece a string quilt.   Last week for our church quilt group trunk show Beverley showed off her lovely string top. 

      Tuesday was GCQ Day Bee.  I enjoyed the morning with the girls but did not take my camera so have no photos to share.  Lari had not had time to prepare the next step of our mystery quilt so I don’t have to worry about that. 

     Today was church quilt group and I was asked to help 3 ladies sandwich their quilt tops.  I did not take my camera again.  I’m sorry because they all working on wonderful quilts.  You will have to wait until they get them quilted and then I will be sure to take photos.  I pulled out some scrap strips and started piecing strip sets to play with my wedge ruler to create circles.  I think I will add some solid wedges since I don’t have enough pieced wedges for a whole circle. 

     Tomorrow I should be able to pick up my Bernina and get back to my regular project.  I prefer to use the same machine to complete a project because my quarter inch seam is more consistent that way. 

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