Friday, April 27, 2012

Week of Charity Sewing

        Where has the week gone?  You might think that since my sister was here to visit with Mom that I would be able to get a lot done.  Well, the way it worked out is that I have only worked on a couple of charity projects.  We did get a little clothes shopping in. 
        Tuesday was charity sew day for GCQ and Wednesday was sew day for church group.  The church group had to plan for the trunk show we are presenting next Tuesday for the XYZ club so we did not get much work done.
For GCQ I did get a top together. 

 For Shandon Quilt Group I pulled a couple of orphan blocks, made a few more and have 12 blocks together that will make a small lap quilt.  Irene helped with the choice of colors.  I never would have thought of putting orange with pink, but it works!  

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