Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Mug Rugs

      After enjoying a short visit with granddaughter and family in GA and back home had family here, yesterday  I quilted a small piece for someone.  I used a programmed decorative machine stitch motif about every 5 to 7 inches to tie the layers together.  I prefer it instead of tying by hand.
     Today I took time to sew a few more mug rugs as last minute gifts.  I had some small pieces of the heat resistant material made for potholders, etc. ( don't remember what it is named) so I used them with scraps of batting in these mug rugs.  Therefore they can be used as mug rugs or pot holders although I made them mug rug size of 6.5” by 8.5”.  I basted the backing, batting and other material together then sewed strips on by sew and flip method so no other quilting was needed.  On one I did use a couple of lines of decorative stitches for additional quilting. 

      As Christmas gets closer, there’s no telling how much sewing / quilting will get accomplished as I enjoy the holiday.  However, if not visiting with friends and family, I know I can pull out a project to work on.  I still have a few UFOs left.

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