Friday, December 30, 2011

Maybe Leaves

      Before I set off to the fabric store to find a backing fabric for the one block tree quilt, I pulled out a guild charity kit and sewed blocks.   When I went to look for backing, it was difficult to find something I liked that was a good price.  I finally found one and also bought quilt thread for it.  While the fabric was in the wash, I finished sewing the charity blocks.  Here they are.

     I took a break to check email and took a look at “The Quilt Show” newsletter.  I am not a member but the newsletter had a link for a free show so I took time to watch it.  In the first part Ricky Tims showed his art quilt made as part of a challenge.  It had a tree with leaves that started me thinking about whether my tree could be improved by adding some leaves.  I fused light weight Heat & Bond to the light purple and cut out a few leaf shapes to try out.  I like them but I will have to play with placement and how many.  I need to be careful not to have so many that they are the focus.

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