Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Church Quilting Group Day and Home Quilting

    Today was quilt group meeting at church.  We sewed all morning, stopped to eat the lunch we had brought and then sewed several hours more.  I worked mainly on crumb blocks,  Crumbs are small scraps of fabric.  I also used some strips and strings left over from other projects.  I squared blocks up to 6 ½”.  With those previously pieced, we now have 30 ready for another quilt.  On our first crumb quilt we added sashing, cornerstones and a border so we probably will use the same layout. 
     Since I returned home I quilted 2 hours on the round robin neighborhood quilt.  I sandwiched it yesterday and started quilting in the ditch to stabilize sections.  Today I have been stitching free-motion grass, bricks and other patterns to give a little texture.  I am try to keep the quilting light but do like the added texture.
That is enough sewing / quilting for today !

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