Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hand Work and Computer Work

   Monday and today I spent several hours at the hospital sitting with a family member and took some handwork.  I just have to embroider some details onto these animals and I will have 4 more blocks done.   I’m glad I had them prepared to take.  It sure helped to pass the time.

   After watching the rebroadcast of a 10 year old show by Georgia Bonesteel this morning, I was inspired to work in EQ.  I started with the carpenter’s square block 

and next decided to take off the last round of strips.  I liked the new block better.   

Then I discovered that the center portion was very much like the chain block which is simple but interesting.

It can also be used to create a pattern similar to one by Georgia Bonesteel called “Calico Crossover”. I wonder if that is how she got her design idea.  The design will go on my list of quilts I will make one day.  I enjoy the Celtic feel.

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